This campaign is about changing what’s possible in America. It’s about fundamental issues of economic fairness and social justice. It’s about putting the needs of hardworking people above the greed of the rich and powerful. But, most importantly - this campaign is about fighting for a big and bold vision for a new America.
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I’ve spent my entire adult life in the service of others. From the mountains of Afghanistan and Iraq, to the streets of Brooklyn - fighting on behalf of others has always been my life’s work. And now it’s time to bring the fight to Congress.

Growing up in a Caribbean-American household as one of eleven children, I know the hardships that working-class families in Central Brooklyn face everyday.

Everyday across our district, residents are struggling to earn a living, to care for their families and to secure the futures for their children.

We have a moral obligation to fight to return power to working class people. We have a duty to bring big, bold transformative leadership to Congress and shift the landscape of our nation!