Criminal Justice Reform

It is an outrage that in these early years of the 21st-century we are seeing intolerable acts of violence being perpetrated by the police, our courts and our prison system. Real criminal justice reform starts with dismantling our carceral state and addressing state-sanctioned violence waged against black, brown and indigenous people in our country.

Dismantling our carceral state:

  • End the “cash bail” system.
  • Legalize marijuana at the federal level.
  • Appropriate federal funds for more drug treatment and mental health facilities in lieu of jail.
  • End for-profit prisons and jails.
  • Establish a federal review board within the Department of Justice for all officer-involved shootings.
  • Enact legislation that establishes a national, federally funded program to train police officers in de-escalation tactics, techniques, and procedures.
  • End the “1033” Program which allows local police departments to procure surplus military equipment.
  • Felon re-enfranchisement for the nearly 27 million Americans have felony convictions.

Repeal Qualified Immunity Statutes: 

Qualified immunity permits law enforcement and other government officials to violate people’s constitutional rights with virtual impunity. 

We are witness to  police shootings of unarmed Black people and other physical violence where officers are rarely if ever held accountable by the criminal legal system, either because prosecutors decline to charge, because grand juries decline to indict, or because juries decline to convict.

Qualified immunity takes away the avenues that victims of police violence should have available to hold police accountable and victims of brutality or harassment by law enforcement generally get no relief in court and have no ability to hold offending officers and governments to account. This is just wrong.

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