A True Progressive Vision

In the wealthiest nation in the world, working families shouldn’t have to struggle. It’s time for a New York that’s good for the many.

I am first-generation American, a husband, a disabled veteran, mentor, community organizer and activist.  A working–class New Yorker running to bring the voices of hard-working Central Brooklynites to the halls of Congress. It is far past time that we in NY-9 had a Congressional Representative that will put the needs of constituents above the wants of wealthy developers and donor’s; a representative who lives in our community and fights on behalf of hard-working Central Brooklyn families.

This campaign is not just a moment; it’s a movement! A movement focused on education and healthcare; a movement focused on criminal justice reform and ending gun violence. It’s about making sure America remains the beacon to so many seeking refuge on her shores; it’s about saying that women deserve equal pay for their hard work. It’s about so many of the kitchen-table issues that Americans worry about on a daily basis.


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