Tuition Free College

The price of a college education has sky-rocketed, in fact, according to the federal government’s own statistics, a college education is now some 250% more costly than just three decades ago. We must invest in totally free, quality, public education for all.

Empowering the next generation:

  • Establish legislation that eliminates undergraduate tuition at 4-year Public colleges and universities.                
  • Establish legislation that eliminates tuition at state trade schools; and provide additional federal funding for training workers affected by our transition away from fossil fuels.
  • Allow people that have non-violent felony convictions on their records to attend 4-year Public colleges, universities, and state trade schools tuition free.                    
  • Ensure federal funding covers all expenses for college, such as housing, books, food, etc
  • Eliminate all $1.4 trillion dollars of student-loan debt.

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