Women's Rights

Our country has made strides with respect to women’s rights, but despite the gains over the past years; our country still has a long way to go when it comes to addressing gender inequality. Many of the achievements that have been made for women’s rights in the 20th century have been under attack by the members of the Republican Party.

It’s time we acknowledge that women’s rights are inextricably bound to the success of our country. Women make up the majority of our teachers; women make up the majority of our healthcare professionals; women make up the majority of our population. It’s time for America to start acting in concert with what we all know to be true; Women’s rights are human rights.

Isiah will be a champion for women’s rights by:

  • Introducing legislation such as H.R.1869; “Paycheck Fairness Act”; make it easier for employees to discover and seek redress for unequal pay, and bolster the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s investigative resources to root out pay discrimination.

  • Ensuring that a woman’s right to choose is not compromised by limited access to safe and legal abortion services or family planning help.

  • Introducing legislation such as H.R.6098; “Family Medical Leave Modernization Act”; which would permit leave to care for a domestic partner, parent-in-law, adult child, sibling, grandchild, or grandparent who has a serious health condition, and to allow employees to take, as additional leave, parental involvement leave to participate in or attend their children’s and grandchildren’s educational and extracurricular activities.

  • Expanding family planning centers in rural as well as underserved metropolitan cities such as here in Brooklyn.

  • Supporting policies that guarantee a woman’s access to birth control and emergency contraception.

  • Providing federal funds to address the staggering infant mortality rate among low-income, women of color in this county.

  • Introducing legislation that repeals the Global Gag Rule.

  • Increasing title X funding.

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