Tuition Free College

Any expert will tell you, without equivocation; education is one of the keys to greater opportunity and economic security in life. The price of a college education has sky-rocketed, in fact, according to the federal government’s own statistics, a college education is now some 250% more costly than just three decades ago.

We must eliminate the crushing burden of debt that many in this country incur just to have access to the halls of higher education. We must invest in free, quality, public education for all.

Isiah will fight to make tuition-free colleges and universities a reality by:

  • Introducing legislation that eliminates undergraduate tuition at 4-year Public colleges and universities                           

  • Introducing legislation that eliminates tuition at state trade schools; and provides additional funding for training workers affected by our transition away from fossil fuels.

  • Allowing Americans that have non-violent felony convictions on their records to attend 4-year Public colleges, universities, and state trade schools tuition free.                    

  • Ensuring federal funding covers all expenses for college, such as housing, books, food, etc

  • Canceling all $1.4 trillion dollars in student debt

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