Medicare for All

As Americans, we certainly seem to get hosed when it comes to health care costs. Although leaders often praise our system as the world’s best, it’s not uncommon to see our friends and family members go into bankruptcy due to health issues. Meanwhile, just about every other country in the world has some sort of single-payer model, shielding people from these sorts of costs.

Working-class Americans shouldn’t have to choose between keeping the lights on and paying for healthcare. No mother or father should have to decide if they want to put food on the table this week or pay for life-saving treatment to keep their child alive. As a nation, we should ensure that no American would have to fear losing coverage if they are laid off from work or because they have their hours reduced.

Isiah believes that healthcare is a human right. When elected to Congress he will fight to make this a reality by:

  • Support legislation such as HR 1384; “To establish an improved Medicare for All national health insurance program”

  • Which would cover: emergency care, primary care, dental, vision, outpatient care, hearing, inpatient care, mental health, substance abuse/drug treatment care, palliative care, long-term care; in addition to this, this bill plan will also provide — free of charge prescription medications, wellness visits/checkups, and medical supplies.

  • Legislate federal funding for nursing workforce programs to increase the number of Registered Nurses and Advance Practice Registered Nurses in our hospitals and care facilities.

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