Women's Rights

It’s time we acknowledge that women’s rights are inextricably bound to the success of our country. Women make up the majority of our teachers, our healthcare professionals, and the majority of our population. We must stand together and defend a women’s right to control her own body.

Empowering Women:

  • Introduce legislation that mandates that women receive equal pay in the workplace.  
  • Protect a woman’s right to safe and unrestricted abortion.
  • Introduce legislation that guarantees six months paid family leave.
  • Expand family planning centers in rural as well as underserved metropolitan cities such as here in Brooklyn.
  • Support policies that guarantee a woman’s access to birth control and emergency contraception.
  • Provide federal funds to address the high infant mortality rate among low-income women and women of color in this county.
  • Introduce legislation that repeals the Global Gag Rule.
  • Increase title X funding.

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