Solidarity with Puerto Rico

The people of Puerto Rico have been living under the colonial rule of the United States for far too long. It is time that we lift the financial shackles off of the country and acknowledge that our brothers and sisters on the island have the right to self determination.

The termination of the Jones Act & PROMESA Act.

  • Financial reparations for the the people of Puerto Rico, and a payout to the government of Puerto Rico that at least covers the money/investments lost from the austerity measures of the US imposed financial oversight board.
  • Pre-authorize a binding vote on Puerto Rican Statehood
  • Should Puerto Rico vote for statehood, the island would be admitted as a state. A state constitution would be drafted, and the Puerto Rican government would have to run elections to select members to the US Senate and House of Representatives within 6 months of a statehood vote.
  • Should Puerto Rico vote for independence, the United States must offer a 15 year Compact of Free Association (COFA) that includes financial support, a free trade deal, and rights to US citizenship.

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