Rebuilding Infrastructure

America’s infrastructure is falling apart. In fact, The American Society of Civil Engineers gives the United States a D+ grade when assessing the state of our roads, airports, bridges, railways and other infrastructure elements. If America is to remain an economic powerhouse well into the future; it’s long past time that we as a nation invest in the revitalization our infrastructure in order to support the health of our people and our planet.

America needs work:

  • Establish legislation that funds a nationwide 10 year, $2 trillion, 100 percent green infrastructure revitalization plan.
  • Build a nation-wide high-capacity high-speed passenger rail system to meet needs of our growing population.
  • Build a 100 percent green-energy sector, transitioning us away from fossil fuels within the next decade.
  • Restore and protecting Net Neutrality.
  • Establish a public, high-speed broadband network in rural areas as well as underserved urban cities
  • Ensure health standards by repairing and maintaining America’s drinking-water infrastructure, including the million miles of pipes and mains beneath our streets.
  • Invest in America’s aviation infrastructure, including modernization of airports and runways.

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