Federal Living Wage/
Workers Rights

The current federal minimum wage is inadequate and must be raised. At just $7.25, the federal minimum wage is not enough for a full-time worker to afford housing in any city in this country.  Millions of Americans are working more and more hours, yet they see less and less take-home pay at the end of the work week. Congress must fight to guarantee that no worker in this country that works a full-time job has to live in poverty.

When elected to Congress Isiah will fight for a living wage by:

    • Enacting legislation that mandates a federal minimum wage of $15/hr. starting in 2022.

    • Indexing the minimum wage with inflation so wages keep pace with the cost of living increases.

    • Ensuring through federal legislation that workers have the right to collectively barging across all 50 states, Guam, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Northern Mariana Islands, and American Samoa and that states and local governments can’t seek to undermine these protections.

    • Mandating local hiring in addition to raising the benchmark for locally prevailing wages in each area.

    • Targeting employment for those who have been systematically shut out of economic growth.

    • Ensuring that job training and local hiring will reflect the racial and gender diversity of the community’s workforce and those seeking employment.

    • Investing in and prioritize communities of color and women-owned businesses, cooperatives and employee-owned firms, and community-owned and municipal enterprises.

    • Enacting federal legislation that ensures that women receive the same pay for the same work as their male counterparts.

    • Enacting Legislation that guarantees overtime pay protections for workers.

    • Enacting Legislation that guarantees paid family leave to workers.

    • Raising the federal tipped minimum wage to $15/hr. by 2022.

    • Introducing legislation such as H.R.5000; “Employee Free Choice Act.”

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