Campaign Finance Reform/
Voting Rights

Getting big money out of politics is essential if we are to truly have a government that works for the people. If money equals political speech, then the vast majority of Americans will never have their voices heard over those of the rich and powerful who can buy influence by simply writing a big enough check.

Reforming our campaign finance system cannot solve this problem alone. Efforts must be made by Congress to strengthen voting rights that are under attack at every level by Republicans.

Isiah will fight to end money’s corrupting influence on our political system by:

    • Fighting for a Constitutional Amendment that nullifies the disastrous Citizens United Supreme Court decision.

    • Enacting legislation that calls for public financing of all elections that are state level and higher.

    • Requiring complete transparency of all donations to campaigns.

    • Requiring that government contractors have to disclose their political spending.

    • Ending the practice that allows elected officials to receive donations from interest groups associated with the various committees the sit on/chair.

    • Introduce legislation such as S.1640 “Fair Election Now Act.”

    • Strengthening Federal Campaign Finance Laws.

    • Enacting legislation that makes Election Day made a federal holiday.

    • Enacting federal legislation that restores voting rights to all Americans who have completed their sentences for a felony conviction.

    • Enacting federal legislation that allows same-day registration in all 50 states and U.S. territories.

    • Enacting federal Legislation that allows U.S. citizens on the Island of Puerto Rico to vote without         having to come to the continental U.S.

    • Introducing legislation that prohibits gerrymandering along racial lines.

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