Differently Abled Rights

Nearly twenty percent of Americans have a disability/different ability. Disability may occur at any stage of life, to anyone, and it is the job of government and elected officials to create an America free of discrimination against people with disabilities, where people with disabilities are valued, integrated members of society who have full access to education, homes, health care, jobs, and families. 

Isiah will be a champion for the disabled/differently abled community by:

    • Strengthening 42 U.S.C. § 12101 “Americans with Disabilities Act” (ADA) to ensure all public spaces are accessible to the disabled/differently abled persons.

    • Expanding Social Security Disability Insurance to cover a wider range of disabilities/different abilities (SSDI).

    • Creating a federally funded jobs program to help Americans that are disabled/differently abled find gainful employment.

    • Increasing educational access at colleges, universities and trade schools for persons with disabilities/different abilities

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