Combating Climate Change

The latest climate science report published by the UN IPCC warns us that we have a little over ten years left to completely and radically cut our carbon emissions before we reach a tipping point in the earth’s climate. Already we are seeing the devastating effects that man-made climate change is having on communities around this country and around the globe; millions have become climate refugees; hundred-year floods are happening every year; hurricanes that are stronger and more ravishing are hitting our country with continued regularity.

It is unacceptable for fossil fuel and energy companies to dictate how we treat our planet. We need bold action, and a transformation of our political and economic systems to combat climate change. Those who have been and will be most impacted by climate change must be centered in our policies: communities of color and Indigenous populations, along with workers who would be out of employment from divestment from the fossil fuel industry.

Isiah will fight to protect our environment by:

  • Supporting legislation such as H.R.109- “The Green New Deal” which would transition the U.S. to 100% renewable energy by 2030.

  • Investing in access to renewable energy for communities that have been most impacted by the impacts of climate change and ensure that renewable energy is affordable for all.

  • Introducing legislation such as H.R.2242 “Keep It in the Ground Act”, which would prohibit new extraction on fossil fuels sitting below federal lands and water.

  • Working with local communities to oppose projects like the Williams Pipeline here in New York.

  • Ending the millions of dollars fossil fuel corporations receive in tax subsidies each year.

  • Investing directly in areas that have been harmed by environmental racism—the disproportionate pollution and environmental degradation experienced by communities of color and indigenous communities.

  • Introducing legislation such as H.R.1034-“Zero Waste Development and Expansion Act”, which would provide funding for local governments to fuel their own zero waste programs.

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