Each day in this country twenty veterans commit suicide. Our nation made a promise to those who serve; that when they return home they will be cared for; Washington is failing at that promise.

Whether it be the mountains of governmental red-tape preventing veterans from receiving the first-class healthcare they deserve; or members of Congress failing to appropriate funds so that our returning service members can get the education they earned — we can do better, must do better.


Serving those who have served:

Establish federal legislation that fully funds and expands the Veterans Administration

Modernize the process for Veterans claims for compensation.

Establish federal legislation that expands the VA’s “Caregivers Program”.

Fully fund a federal expansion program that guaranties mental health services for Veterans.

Make comprehensive dental care available to all veterans.

Provide unified family care within the VA for veteran family members.

Establish a federal program to conduct research on veteran-specific conditions throughout our healthcare system.

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