Childcare costs have skyrocketed In this country and raising happy and healthy children has become difficult for many of our families. We should never accept a status-quo that forces hard-working parents to spend nearly 25 percent of their family’s monthly income on childcare costs.


Putting working families first:

Introduce legislation such as H.R.3773 “Child Care for Working Families Act”.

Introduce legislation that guarantees child care affordability for workers with children under age 13.

Establish legislation that expands the eligibility threshold for Head Start.

Introduce legislation that creates a no“co-payments” system for workers with children eligible for Head Start and who earn below 200 percent of the federal poverty level.

Introduce legislation that provides additional funding for the national, full-day, full-year Head Start programming

Establish federal funding that increases the number of child-care workers and early childhood educators nationwide.

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