Affordable Childcare

There is nothing more precious in this world than a child. Sadly, in America many would argue that there is nothing more expensive than trying to raise a child in an economy that is skewed in favor of the rich. As of 2015, American parents spent an average of $233,610 per child from birth until the age of 17, not including college. Childcare cost have skyrocketed, in some case working mothers and fathers are spending nearly 25% of their monthly income on childcare cost.

Isiah will fight to lower the staggering cost of childcare by:

  • Introducing legislation such as H.R.3773 “Child Care for Working Families Act”,

  • Introducing legislation that guarantees child care affordability for working families with children under age 13

  • Introducing legislation that creates a no “co-payments” system for families with incomes below 75% of their state’s average income and families eligible for Head Start.

  • Introducing legislation that increases funding for full-day, full-year Head Start programming

  • Introducing legislation that provides for funding in order to increase the number of child-care workers and early childhood educators nationwide to ensure all workers are fully-trained and paid a living wage

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